The idea of listing 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days has been floating around the internet for years. Google it and you’ll find a plethora (seriously – a plethora!), of lists created by those hopeful and optimistic enough to set down their desires for self-improvement, fun, and adventure on paper (or monitor) for the world to see.

And yes, I fear I am one of those hopeful fools optimists.

My list began March 4, 2016, and thus has a deadline of November 30, 2018.

(There are actually some little google-able gizmos set up to calculate 1001 days from any date for you, so you don’t go mad before you’ve begun. This is one of them.)

I tried to include a good variety of “To Do’s” in my list. (It is known as “The List”, “Your List”, or “Mom’s List” around my house.) Incorporating each of The Seven Realms, choosing items which are easily measurable (an important requirement), and indeed doable within the time-frame (1001 days is about 2.75 years.)

Many of the lists I read over while deciding upon items for my own included some rather lofty travel goals – “Visit each of the continents,” Visit all 50 States,” “Spend a month in every European country.” And – while I suppose for some these goals may be within reach – unless I am blessed with an unexpected inheritance or manage to remember to enter the lottery and then actually win, I just don’t see myself traveling quite that much within the next almost-three years.

(Five years perhaps.

Always the optimist remember.) my tenacity may well be my undoing grahic


A few of my 101 are Continuing Goals – meaning they begin at a set date and are carried out daily till the list ends in 2018 –  exercise and eating goals are good examples.

Naturally – my house being a busy place, – my goals include “My People.” In particular Rory, my youngest, and Miss Annie Rose, my princess with the extra chromosome.

And yes, a few of my 101 require the assistance of my husband. (Cause let’s face it – there’s probably no way I’ll be able to do numbers 1 & 2 without help from Scott. Sure I can certainly decide how the fireplace and transoms should look, choose and find the materials and colors… But when it comes down to actually building the things – I think we’ll all be much happier with the finished product if Scott lends a hand.

(Better yet if he just does the whole thing himself.)

Though I am quite practiced at the underrated arts of “Hold this steady” & Tool Fetching.

But since it is My List I figure if I choose to include My People in it – that’s ok.

As is leaving the last two goals blank – for now.

I couldn’t quite decide you see, though I thought and thought on this list for at least a month or so before writing it.

In the end I decided to leave numbers 100* and 101 off for a bit. While I think a little more.

Because tossing in just any old goal, in order to reach a certain number, would be a waste. Almost a wasted wish.

(And everyone knows you should never waste a wish.)

So here it is – My 101 in 1001. With the final two still brewing and a handful hidden for privacy’s sake.


*UPDATE: Following my mother’s death in May of 2016, (some months after I began this venture), my family & I were left with the clearing out of her hoarder house, outbuildings and storage units. It isn’t dramatic to say this devoured the rest of our 2016, and, as of today, January 2, 2017, is still  – unbelievably – a ongoing project.

SO – reluctantly, but necessarily, I now add an Item 100 to my list. A list I’d planned, hoped, would be positive, empowering, motivating -and  I now hesitate to add something the mere mention of which, to me, reeks of despair, sadness, the literal stench of mess, rot, hopelessness, and decades long, morbid, self absorbed misery for misery’s sake. 

Some people revel in being sad, in playing the victim. I must choose daily not to be one of them. It can be, surprisingly, oh so hard.

Thus my 101 now lists 100 Items – it’s written in bold down there in order, along with the rest. In the fervent hope of our fulfilling it as quickly as possible, and moving on.

And 101? Well – I pray it will be a happier thing! Shining, beautiful, and filled with hope. I’m keeping my eyes open wide for it, in these first days of #2017YearofHygge #2017WillShine ! 


Lisa’s 101 Things In 1001 Days

In No Particular Order {& linked when possible…}

  1. Finish Bedroom Fireplace. Mantle purchased (great price) 3-2016. Hearth finished, 4-16. Getting closer… And X-FINISHED June 10 2016

  2. Finish 3 Transoms.

  3. Write (at least) 3 more Books. Continuing…

  4. Publish 2 (or 3?) Books. Continuing…

  5. Get to Goal Weight/Shape. Continuing…

  6. Take 2 Excellent Vacations. {Hawaii holiday slated for 9-16. But…does it qualify as “excellent”? Yet to be determined.}    X#1 Oregon Beach House, May 2016       X#2 Hawaii, Oct. 2016

  7. Learn how to use (& do) all camera settings.

  8. Upload all pictures to a cloud, including pre digital! Continuing...

  9. Finish my ‘Book of Days‘.

  10. Yoga – 3x a week. Continuing…

  11. Continue (that internet non-phenomena) #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth

  12. Go through ALL bins – streamline & organize. (This, my friends, is a BIG project!) Derailed by the clearing of my mother’s house. But continuing ASAP this bright January of 2017!

  13. Renew Driver’s License  (long story here…)

  14. Make a keepsake book of Its Own Sweet Will (probably more than one.)

  15. Weight lifting 3x a week. Continuing…

  16. Finish C & A’s loft ladders.

  17. See the Northern Lights.

  18. Work along a steady path of Minimalism. Continuing…

  19. Daily Meditation & Visualization. Continuing…

  20. Plan & complete a written series of 21 or 30 Day Challenges. Document them! Continuing…

  21. Try the local Writer’s Group. (Go ahead – try…!)

  22. Complete at least two Yearly Reading Challenges.

  23. Set Blog Goals and fulfill them. Continuing…

  24. Log Mindful Morning Routine & Days. Continuing…

  25. Make wills. (Just do it.)

  26. Install kitchen beadboard (or my original plan of subway tile & shelves (decide if latter will be wood or marble.)

  27. Change a tire (all by myself. Preferably on harsh, uneven terrain. Just to prove I can!)

  28. Prepare a Beef Roast & Yorkshire Pudding for the Season of Christmas Tide, from Christmas Day 2016 till Candlemas Feb. 2, 2017. Actual date to still be announced! (fill in a holiday.)

  29. ‘Fly’ in a wind tunnel.

  30. DIY- stencil a poem or some prose on wood (40″ x 30″?) to hang.

  31. Complete the ’95 Questions’.  XFinished! June, 2016

  32. Journal & recap the week. Whether in The List or by blogging. Continuing…

  33. Get our family business – monthly subscription box of “Comfort & Joy”, Hygge By Post.Com, up and running. Begun (finally!) 10-31-2016

  34. Hidden

  35. Try those ‘mean green drinks’ during a 21 Day Challenge. (#20)

  36. Self publish the family recipe book.

  37. Keep ‘fruit water’ in the fridge (and actually drink it.)

  38. DIY- complete a ‘chunky knit’ project.

  39. Sell as much of the ‘too much stuff’ we own as possible. Sidetracked yes – but Continuing…

  40. Write those ‘just in case’ letters.

  41. Complete and keep current all Emergency Prep.

  42. Work on a foreign language with R.

  43. Craft a ‘Seamless School’ with R. Again, Sidetracked, but Continuing!

  44. R again – monthly goals for Scouts. Keep track in the 101 Things. Continuing...

  45. Add at least one ‘Mediterranean Diet’ recipe to menu a week. Continuing…

  46. R yet again – look into Congressional Award. {To begin in July, 2016…}

  47. Keep a Food Diary. Continuing…

  48. Go to the flippin’ dentist when I’m SUPPOSED TO. Keep track! Appointment #1: 4-16,  Appointment #2 10-16

  49. Hidden

  50. Hidden

  51. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail (it’s 2148 miles long!)

  52. Begin a bookclub (or something similar… Ideas steeping.)

  53. Have Peking Duck (preferably in China.)   Deleted after researching exactly how Peking Duck is prepared. Replaced with Get A Tattoo X done in Kauai!, 10-16 

  54. Have Escargot (preferably in France.)

  55. Attend or host a Murder Mystery Dinner.

  56. Hidden

  57. Keep (& conquer) a Water Diary. Continuing…

  58. Zipline. (Where? Costa Rica? Hawaii?) Slated for Sept. 2016 Hawaii Holiday. Completed 9 Lines in Hawaii, 10-16. I am now entirely obsessed with ziplining! 

  59.  New Passport ASAP!

  60. Repaint A’s dresser. X-FINISHED! June 2016

  61. Reorganize (remodel really), A’s closet. Continuing (much to her annoyance!) 

  62. DIY- finish my necklace holder. X-FINISHED, June 7, 2016

  63. Paint my shower entrance walls. Frame all those poster/prints I’ve had forever & hang them up. X About 25% done as of 4-16. And X-FINISHED as of June 25, 2016

  64. Recover (perhaps paint) the ‘cheap chairs’ stuffed in the basement.

  65. Recover (reweave?) old kitchen ‘rope chairs’.

  66. Study (again) all of Shakespeare’s plays with family (R especially). Continuing…

  67. Memorize three favorite Shakespeare sonnets. Begun,12-16 & Continuing…

  68. Be able to identify every country on a world map (with R). Continuing…

  69. List 20 ‘new’ things to eat and eat them. (#53 & 54 can count.)                     1- Poi         2-Green coconut         3-Apple Bananas

  70. Make my cholesterol looooowwwwwww. (Genetics be damned!) Continuing…

  71. Write a poem or prose on my Writing Loft wall.

  72. Sort the innumerable bags of ‘old’ & ‘to quilt clothes’.

  73. Plan & begin that quilt(s)! {This may well be the toughest goal here! Sigh…}

  74. Sort the bins in the master bathroom. X-FINISHED 3-2016

  75. Sort all smaller bins *&* boxes in master bedroom.  {#75 & 76 are pain-in-the-butt Moving leftovers.} X-FINISHED, May, 2016

  76. Find a proper container to store mosaic makings. X-FINISHED 3-2016  {Possible additional challenge: Make That Mosaic. See #20}

  77. DIY – Craft a foyer table from large piece of round glass currently stored in basement.

  78. Paint the mudroom bathroom.

  79. Create a ‘Start Here’ and schedule for wordpress blog.

  80. Order & frame J’s graduation pictures. (It’s only been two years after all!) X-FINISHED 3-2016

  81. Sell/Donate bagged up clothes currently collecting dust on dryer top.  X-Finished 9-2016

  82. Save $10 a month till the end of this challenge. (Private “Me” funds – no lending it to anyone!) Continuing…

  83. Award myself $10 for each goal completed. (Private “Me” funds.) Continuing…

  84. Go with S & kids on an Alcatraz Night Tour (& of course eat in China Town again.) {Tentative- August 2016, between summer and fall semesters??}  August 2016 plan didn’t work out, sigh. Perhaps Spring 2017? 

  85. A trip with just S & myself to…France? Italy? Romania? Hmmm…  {Well – Hawaii in 10-2016, though that isn’t exactly Romania…}

  86. Go to dinner with friends in a Yurt. Snowshoe in.

  87. Plan out a writing submissions schedule and do it.

  88. Complete a 5K – even if it’s my own private race.

  89. Have some family pictures enlarged *big* – some in color, some in black and white. X-Done & Done Again! (Went a bit crazy with groupon coupons!) April 2016.}

  90. Investigate and go skydiving.

  91. Take supplements daily. Keep track. Continuing…

  92. Paint foyer and bathroom niches. X-FINISHED, June 20, 2016

  93. Choose 5 (pinterest inspired perhaps?) DIY’s to do and do them. Keep track.

  94. Become more biblically literate. Continuing…

  95. Take a gun safety course. {Query To Self: Why exactly…? Thinking…}

  96. See to all the many ‘bungs’ and unfinished paint projects scattered about Witt’s End. X-FINISHED, June 2016. {Though this may well become a Continuing project.}

  97. Live Hygge. Craft A Life. (Self document daily.)  Continuing…

  98. Thrive in Peaceful Productivity. (Self document daily.) Continuing…

  99.  Hidden

  100.  Finish the task set upon me (by the fates???) in May of 2016. (See update in first paragraphs above.) Keep going as quickly as possible. Finish it Forget it. Move on! Continuing – praying soon to be finished.

  101. Still Brewing!

Document each of these in writing and with photos if possible.

Then – on (or before!) November 1, 2018 have a new list in the works to begin immediately at this list’s deadline of November 20, 2018.


Do you have a 101? I’ve been encouraging everyone to try it. And – (strange but true fact) – I’ve begun seeing a few of mine manifesting practically on their own since I began.

(There’ll be more on that later.)



 ziplining in Kauai
Ziplining! {#53}























Kauai {part of #6}
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