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About Lisa.

In which,

overwhelmed by all she had to do, by all the stuff clogging up her life, all the things (Things! THINGS!!) to sort, put up, find a home for, sell, give away, or organize, she tossed all and sundry, every stinking little teeny tiny bit of it into a ginormous pile, (it was actually quite impressive), doused the entire irritating mess with lighter fluid, and  – (smiling maniacally of course , what else?) – set it alight with a single, (and, need we add, expertly tossed) match while dancing wildly about – long bo ho skirts and unmanageable, (I’ve no time to condition!), hair flailing in the wind –  screaming feral, guttural sounds, (a difficult feat indeed – just try it), far into the night sky.

And afterward,

she brewed a cuppa tea, wrote four thousand words, (which miraculously required no editing whatsoever), ate a lovely piece of cheesecake, a bit of apple crumble, and read fascinatingly interesting books long into the night.

(Embracing every adverb and run on sentence  she chanced upon.
As we all must from time to time.)

Lisa – cheesy pic with those sunglasses

 L 1

Lisa – sans make-up with weird lighting


L.D.B. Taylor, aka Lisa Taylor is a lifelong reader and writer.

The author of five independently published books her work has appeared in print anthologies and many online publications. She is represented by Rena Rossner of the Deborah Harris Literary Agency. Her newest manuscript, THE DIM GLASS, is currently brewing and is expected to reach a full boil any day.

(Do watch your fingers and toes.)

Find Lisa at right here – her new, ingeniously named wordpress adventure. And for a limited time, at her old gig as The Original Dubious Blogger – blogging {Dubiously}, at Its Own Sweet Will, where her faithful three and one half readers enrich her life no end.

Lisa lives, writes, and reads at Witt’s End, her rambling, perpetually dusty home in the hills of Utah among the deer, wild turkey, coyotes, and occasional mountain lion along with five children, four six  (it’s a long story) dogs, eight four chickens, two one parakeets, and one husband.

She appreciates chocolate, kindness, Hygge, wit, hot tea, cool mountain evenings, British accents, a dash of sarcasm, travel, and books by the score.

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