Our family has loved living the Hygge* Life for many years, so many that we’re now sharing the joy with HyggebyPost – our monthly subscription box of Curated, Perfect Imperfection, (that’s pretty much the byline right now – what do ya think?)

I’d love for you to check it out, and perhaps win a subscription at the same time!

I’ve spent quite a bit of time gathering together the threads of my Hygge Ideas during this, (dreadful, horrible, Will we make it through?), summer and early fall of 2016. And honestly, this gathering has been a respite of sorts. A Time Out – when I could immerse myself in all my many cozy, comforting thoughts and memories of my family’s innumerable Hygge Times throughout the years.

It’s honestly been a blessing.

And so to the subscription box.

As I mentioned it’s a curated box – each object in it chosen to accompany and compliment a monthly theme – with no two boxes exactly alike (honest!) Each of its vintage, artisan, or one of a kind items hand-wrapped and packaged with care. I do believe Hygge by Post contains something for everyone. Beautiful home-goods, artisan self care items, small batch delicacies, inspirational (yes and motivational!) original and well loved writings, some whimsy, bits of fantasy and mystery, a wide sampling of hygge throughout the world and time, and so much more.

Hygge by Post has been a joy to plan – I sincerely hope you will join us and all our fellow hyggelites, (totally a word!) Enjoying fellowship, intentional comfort, mindful coziness, and joyful self and family care.

Fill your world with simple, intentional graciousness. Take Hygge! {“hue-gah”}

It’ll do your mind and body good.


*”hue-gah”: the cozy savoring of life’s simple pleasures; cozy, unhurried, mindful peace.













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Hygge By Post Launch
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