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February, 2017
Out in the wide, wild world,

My travels…

this week promises to be a quiet, stay at home week, (touch wood), which would be lovely. Hopefully I’ll be able to get quite a bit done on my WIP & get the newest Hygge By Post Subscription Box out while still attending to regular life. So…unless an unexpected opportunity pops up this week – I think I’ll be spending most of at home being as mindfully productive as possible.

Although, we are, (fingers crossed), hoping to soon plan a return trip to the beach cottage we rented last spring. It was so practically perfect we’re all excited at the idea of visiting it again.


The Hearth,
My table and pantry…

last night: was Family Dinner & A Movie. We had homemade chicken soup with homemade bread and ice cream sundaes for dessert. And the film? Rise of the Guardians. I honestly wasn’t expecting all that much from it, but it wound up being much better than I’d expected.

& future planning…

sigh…(which translates to the menu is a bit of a mess right now. I wonder if anyone loathes making a menu as much as I do? Though I’ve dozens of recipes, loads of cook books, not to mention the internet at my fingertips it still evades me and when I do manage to write one out, whatever I’ve planned for a particular night never fails to sound terrible once that night arrives.
Go figure.
Tonight we’re having leftovers, (a post Family Dinner Night tradition – so I’m ok there.)
The rest of the week? Stay tuned.

Working with the Muses,
I’m creating…

it’s no secret I’ve been a bit blocked as far as writing goes for much too long. My mother’s death last year sent me on a particularly horrible road of clearing out and dealing with her “hoarder house” and messy, cash poor “estate”. But… I still kept trying, though the days were too full and I always felt too exhausted and burned out to sit up to write late into night (and wee hours.)
Currently. I have two WIP going, (well yes – and others, though they’re taking a back burner at present.) Hopefuly this week I’ll actually get something substantial done!

& wondering…

why I haven’t painted the dining room a much warmer color. I’m still deciding just what that warmer color is…
Yeal – like I have time to do that, sigh…

Also catching up in homeschool, which last year also threw off, and then the holidays began. But, Christmas Tide is finally, officially over at our house, (which of course makes me sad), and I’ve established a new homeschool schedule which is much more strict and is working well. (Touch wood again.)

And the Hygge By Post boxes are certainly a creative outlet. It’s fun to dream up themes and curate the items, the ones we craft ourselves are, of course, my favorite! And with spring on the horizon it will be much easier to produce the line of Hygge Tables. It’s always interesting to see how each one turns out. (Though I am still enjoying my favorite season of winter so much! I’m hoping for just one more snow storm, though I doubt I’ll get that wish….),

Within the Life of The Mind,
I’m thinking…

Perhaps some people are sometimes, almost right when they claim I think too much. I’m afraid I do tend to take on too many things at once – but I really can’t help it. One interest leads to another, certainly I don’t want to let the first go – still being interested in it – so I just add another item to my list. And so on.
Though I am getting better about this.
I hope.
My priorities are dead on…I think: (well, with the exception of self-care. I know it’s important but I just can’t seem to boost it up higher in the queue where it belongs.)
1- Family Hygge
2- Homeschool
3- Writing
4- Business & 101 Goals
5- Self-Care
Ah well – we’ll revisit this next month and see how things have gone.

& reading…

I find a photo here much easier!





















Find out more about these books, and others you may enjoy.

& planning to read or listen to…

Well, here is a (partial) list of some podcasts I’m hoping to find time to listen to soon.

Also I received this (on cassette!) for Christmas, (I may or may not have ordered it for myself…) Though I haven’t managed to begin it yet.

Here’s a link to it in book form. It’s by Jan Struther, author of Mrs Miniver  – one of my most favorite hygge, (and Lifelong Anglophile), books.

As for my “To Read” list, well it’s as long and overwhelming as ever, but I will get to it! My Reading Challenge is still ongoing, and I’ve recently begun using GoodReads again. Here’s my link – I can always use more friends and recommendations there!


The Spirit,
I’m grateful for… I used to blog five gratitudes every Monday, and of course write down five daily in my semi-bullet journal. Life has become too full to do as much blogging as I once did, but at least I still keep the journal which is the most important as far as gratitudes go!

Today’s Five:
*this day
*leftovers for dinner! (This makes such a difference in my day. Seriously!)
*the microwave repairman was able to get up our formerly snowy, now muddy road this morning.
*my children’s love of learning
*the saving grace I found through hygge before I knew it was called hygge!

& I’m learning…

patience, always patience.
It’s obviously what I was put here to learn this time around.
And tenacity. And hopefully to hold my tongue and tempter.
(I’m much better at this than I one was.)


Unless I can count my immediate family, sons #1 & #2’s girlfriends, and son #3’s friends, then I have absolutely blotched this category for some time!
I blame (in no particular order):
*my own tendency toward introversion
* the weather (I was actually snowed in at one point)
*the utterly overwhelming weird year of 2016 from which I’m still recovering
*trying like crazy to catch up on all the things I got behind in during 2016
Plus I needed my hair colored really, really badly but just couldn’t get around to it and could I let people see me like that?
Yeal I don’t think so!
I intend to do better in this category.


The Body,

I’m feeling… like I haven’t ran consistently in much too long.
Though the last time I ran my back, (long story), was not happy about it.
Also all the sweets and treats we had around here during Christmas, combined with my evident inability to control myself around such delicacies didn’t help.
In short – I needa start working out properly again!

News at eleven.



Well, having already established I’ve currently been embracing the exercise routine of…well, something which doesn’t exercise enough, and have been eating like a teenage boy (a diet no one, even a teenage boy should follow), I am happy to report that I have been following a much better routine in other areas of self-care.
Such as…
*Finally having my hair colored
*Attempting to run. (“Attempt because it was a pretty pathetic performance. Sigh…)
*Taking time off to sit quietly, thinking, reading, pondering
*Scheduling my writing time and sticking to it, (that last bit’s important!)
*Re-watching a few favorite films and series. This was surprisingly relaxing and helpful with recharging.
*Consciously limiting social media time more than I ever have in the past. (So much of it has been just too negative of late – getting into my head, affecting my moods and attitude.)

(One of my favorite quotes for this realm.)

My Favorite, Recent Hygge moments,

*Watching You’ve Got Mail the other night, a film my kids hadn’t seen and which Scott and I haven’t seen in a looong time. It was surprisingly cozy and comforting to watch. I’d forgotten how gorgeous both Meg Ryan’s shop and apartment are – stuffed full of hyggeligt, shabby chic charm.

*Making dinner with Cade, Wyatt, & Rory this week – especially when we made Paprika Chicken & Tamale Pie.

*Teatime & Read-Alouds this week, we’ve nearly finished “The House of Arden” , it’s always bittesweet to have finished a well loved book.  Though happily we’ve its sequel,  “Harding’s Luck” to look forward to next.


Hopes, Thoughts, Images, Experiences – the Ways I’m Crafting My Life,

We have finally begun to begin working on our own minimilizing this year, and hauled a very full pickup truck full of various items to a local charity this week!

And, since it seems the lovely snow is finally giving way to warmer temperatures, I’m looking forward to rain! (Yes really, I love rain.) And enjoying spring, getting ready for camping – one of my favorite things.

Oh – and I recently won Dawn’s, from By Sun and Candlelight (I love her blog and have been reading it around ten or more years I believe!) Winter Comfort’s Basket, (the goodies it contained are pictured below.) I was truly thrilled and considered it a wonderfully good omen for 2017! (I’m still preparing a post about it. A post which should have been up by now, again illustrating how behind I am…sigh.
But – determined to catch up, and meet my goals.)

Again – I’d love to see your days reflected in this Hygge Daybook. Just follow the (hopefully clear) instructions on the Template Page, and don’t forget to link your post back to me at  THEN link your post in the comments section below, for an easy thread of sharing.

And honestly, I’ll have that linky generator up asap. (If anyone has any excellent, or semi-excellent tips on how to deal with those I would very much appreciate hearing them!)

Take care,
ldbtaylor lisa db taylor





Lovely goodies from Dawn!
winter comforts hygge comforts daybook inspiration hygge daybook



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