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hygge daybook
~Hygge Daybook~

Out in the wide, wild world,
My travels…

(Where has life taken you of late? To the market or library, have you discovered a new bookshop? To visit friends a mile or a thousand miles away? Life is in the simple moments as well as the extraordinary.)

The Hearth,
My table and pantry…

& future planning…

(What’s cooking at your house? Be it take away or an elaborate meal. And recipes are certainly welcome!)

Working with the Muses,
I’m creating…

& wondering…

(Everyone is creative, whatever their medium: words, watercolors, food, teaching, listening… And so many more!)

Within the Life of The Mind,
I’m thinking…

& reading…

& planning to read or listen to...
(All big, lovely categories to explore!)

The Spirit,
I’m grateful for…

(A perfect place to list your gratitudes.)

& I’m learning…

(Meditation, spiritual readings, connecting with nature, formal religion – so many paths to inner peace to experience, share, and explore.)


(An important part of hygge, and difficult for many of us – including me! Stretching myself to enjoy the fellowship of those other than my immediate family. It’s proven as healthy for the mind and body.)

The Body,

& Hygge-self-care,

(Including, but certainly not limited to exercise, another area we all know is so important, but is too often brushed aside (or purposely avoided!
Yes I’m totally guilty of that!)
Here is one of my favorite quotes for this realm, I re-read it often


My Favorite, Recent Hygge moments,

(Your latest warm moments of Comfort & Joy!)


Hopes, Thoughts, Images, Experiences – the Ways I’m Crafting My Life,

(Words or photos or both! How are you becoming the person you wanted to be?)