Hygge Daybook for April 26, 2017

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Out in the wide, wild world… it is rain/snowing ! (Or perhaps snow/raining?) At any rate the temperature has plummeted and my fire is burning bright.

My travels…there will be no baseball practice this evening I think, and perhaps no game tomorrow. (This is going to make Rory, the baseball freak, angry.) My travels this week are those of the mind: planning a trip to the coast soon, writing, planning Hygge Parcel themes, planning new homeschool projects to take on.

& discoveries…I‘ve discovered how surprisingly good I at tossing things out! Either to donate or into the trash. And…I’ve discovered it’s been much too long since I’ve had a bit of crystallized ginger. (Definite cravings going on here!)

The Hearth,

My table and pantry…last night was lasagna, the night before clam chowder (this one home made, the lasagna was a frozen Costco convenience. ) And tonight – undoubtedly chicken. I’ve no idea of the exact recipe yet.

& future planning…we’ve been making a menu for our beach trip – so far we’ve settled on visiting the same excellent Thai Restaurant we loved last time, caprice chicken, “spicy tacos” (this is a direct quote – though I don’t know what other kind of tacos we ever make!), an antipasto night, and… Well that’s all we’ve got so far.
As for the menu in the time before we go…?
Whoa how I hate making menus. If anyone has any great suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Working with the Muses,

I’m creating…two works in progress, (okay – three. Maybe four.) Hygge Parcels to be sent out, (and getting the details of many months in advance down pat.) We’re also attemtping a clearer, “cozy minimalist” house – this is a long work in progress. I’m going through *everything*; every bin, every drawer, every cupboard; all the nooks and crannies.
(This is exhausting.)

& wondering…why we have so much stuff!

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Within the Life of The Mind,
I’m thinking…of all the things we need to pack for the upcoming trip. Hoping I don’t forget something. Thinking that, if I do, it probably won’t be something all that important anyway.

& reading…WintersmithΒ by Terry Pratchett (I hate to admit this, but I’d never read any of his wonderful work till this last month! This is embarrassing.) Also Thinking About Memoir by Abigail Thomas and The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking. The memoir book is excellent, the Little Book of Hygge – well, seems I’ve read it all before. (But it’s an awfully cute book!)

& planning to read or listen to…I think we’ll be listening to the Harry Potter series, or at least some of it, on the trip. As well as Lord Of The Rings. All of which we’ve read before – but… I think we’re all feeling it’s the season for reliving fond memories.

The Spirit,
I’m grateful for…my family of course, the (surprisingly painful – the previous ones I had weren’t that bad!) spinal injection I had last week which is slooowwwly making my back less painful. That we’re able to take this seaside trip soon.

& I’m learning…it’s strange, but I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling much more centered and patient of late. So, perhaps stuffing myself with all this reading and focusing for so many years is finally beginning to pay off?

Fellowship…Hmmm… The area I’m forever lacking in. I fear most of my fellowship of late, beyond my family at least, has been via online. Which is not the hygge way and certainly not what I would choose.
Hopefully when my mom’s house is finally sold and all of the mess of 2016 is behind us, true fellowship will finally rise to the top of my overcrowded list.

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The Body,
I’m feeling…better back-wise since last week’s injection. (Really!) A couple more days of resting, taking it as easy as possible and I think I’ll be able to ease back into running and exercising again.

Hygge-self-care…watching HomeFires, reading on my own and aloud with Rory, hanging out in the evenings together. Even working together clearing out and finishing the basement can be a hygge time with the right attitude!

Favorite hygge moments…going through old photos together.

Hopes, thoughts, images, experiences – the ways I’m Crafting My Life…
~I’m working at having a “thicker skin” as I make my way slowly into the world of business.
~Imagining the traveling I hope we will be doing in the Autumn and next Spring. As well as various, short road trips and, of course, the ever centering and peaceful camping times during the Summer.
~Beginning new arts, new handwork projects. Redecorating several rooms lies in the near future – this is both fun and a major pain in the butt!

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Just not this fine day!)
Take Hygge!
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2 thoughts on “Hygge Daybook

  • April 27, 2017 at 12:25 am

    Loved reading this! I, too, enjoy “Home Fires”. Sure wish it hadnt been cancelled after the second season. Am reading Harry Potter series for the first time.

    Your upcoming trips sound fun.

    • April 28, 2017 at 3:34 pm

      Sigh, they always seem to cancel the shows I like πŸ™
      Hopefully this trip will be as relaxing and “recharging” a time as last year, and certainly this summer must be better! (Touch wood!)
      We’ll have to talk after you finish the Harry Potter series!


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