The final bits of Christmas have been tucked away, quietly awaiting autumn’s return.

And yes the house is darker. With a Settled Focus upon work at hand, though oddly enough our voices often seem loud, a bit strained at the edges; as though compensating for that which has left: the anticipation. The joy, the tradition; hands warm and held wrapped about us snug. All such things are our respite and indeed, our savior, from Ordinary Time.

From the end of January Ordinary Time, (an ominous title and thus deserving of capitalization), stretches before us. Expecting, and rightfully so, to be productively filled until the next stretch of holiday days allow us a reprieve. There are but two days of January left, (and yes I love January. Honestly you should too! Give it a try.) Much too soon it will be February, and our Annie has already given me explicit instructions as to exactly what makes up a proper Valentine’s Present,

(i.e. a pink stuffed unicorn, Valentine cakes, Valentine candies, DVDs, (Scooby Doo is a current and perpetual favorite), wrapped in Valentine wrappings, and,(though just where I’m to find this is a mystery), Valentine Diet Coke.
If you have any ideas on the latter’s whereabouts please let me know.)

Honestly, I don’t consider Valentine’s Day a proper holiday at all. It’s a mere blip on the radar of Ordinary Time. Neither it nor I really notice Valentine’s.
Well, aside from the presence in my house once again of too much candy.

(I tell my children to hide it from me and not to give it to me no matter how hormonal I seem.
This sometimes works.
But mostly not.)

This year, oddly enough, I’m rather welcoming Ordinary Time. This year especially I’m hoping February will cooperate and be entirely filled with ordinary days and work. Each day well planned and finished according to schedule, each item crossed off.

We’re taking a holiday in March you see, one which will meander into April. A longish holiday, one requiring much thought and planning, so naturally that’s always in the back, (okay forefront), of my mind as well. Tickets and car rentals, itineraries, lodging, and ferries. Where to go, what to see, preparing ourselves beforehand so we have a good idea of what we’re seeing while we’re seeing it.

(I’ve found this is always better. Well, most of the time.
I must admit there have been times in the past when I’ve suddenly realized what it was I saw some time after having actually seen it.
Such times always begin with an “OH!” moment, followed by a very full millisecond of wondering, debating, and final, utterly chagrined realization.
No doubt those not prone to self-doubt and flagellation then think, “So that’s what that was. Cool!”
I, naturally, think, “Well shit…” And spend the rest of my life wishing I’d looked harder and longing for another glance.)

February 2018, (and how I’m wishing it were a leap year, one more day of preparation seems so important right now), has a lot to accomplish. It’s bursting with “to do’s”. Its docket is overflowing.

Honestly, it makes me absolutely nauseous to think about it…

So I won’t. Well, until it begins. For now, I’ve still two lovely January days to enjoy. Forty-eight hours (plus, as of this writing), to get my day timer/bullet journal/commonplace book into shape. To finish the lists, though yes no doubt other items will need to be added later, while keeping half an eye on Downton Abbey (which of course I’ve seen before, but still…) along with new episodes of Victoria.
Such are the lazy pleasures of time on holy-days schedule.

Ordinary Time hasn’t engulfed me yet. Though when it does, I plan to transform into the most self-actualized, productive, crazed woman you’ve ever seen.

Yup – I’m going to kick Ordinary Time’s butt!

(I may even buy new boots, just for the occasion.) self actualization productivity humor



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Kicking Ordinary Time’s Butt
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