May’s Hygge DayBook,

Yes I had planned to do this every week, as I used to.
That didn’t work out.
I had planned to get a linky up for it, promote it, get others to share their “hygge days”.
And I will do that. (Yes seriously!)
I just…haven’t gotten ’round to it just yet.
Still, here is today’s Hygge Book of Days, complete with a long streak of photos at the end. And here is the link to the Daybook’s Template – please link up in the comments, or just paste your daybook entry into the comments. Either way is fine.

Happy May!

Out in the wide, wild world,
My travels…
We had a lovely week in Oregon this month, in the same beach house (A Frame), we rented last year. The sea was rougher this year, (not that I went into it above my ankles! Well – once, when the tide caught me surprise while I was taking a photo.) And my boys refused to go deep sea fishing again  – thanks to their three hour “upchucking” session of last year. But it was beautiful and peaceful. Walking along the beach – all of us *and * the three dogs we took along, (yes, our Yukon was filled with six people and three dogs  – one a very large German Shepherd!) Sitting on the deck wrapped in blankets, a heating against my slowly recovering back, sand castles, walks in the garden, daring to climb the rather dangerous tree house, (yep – even semi-broken me), late night walks on the beach, (the waxing moon was nearly full), sending out for delicious Thai food, driving into town for fresh seafood, and a gorgeous fire and Lord of The Rings once we’d all watched the sun truly set.

hygge daybook oregon sunset


The Hearth
My table and pantry…
it’s been a week for chicken.
Grilled & spicy seasoned chicken in a salad with mushrooms and romaine lettuce. Seasoned, shredded chicken tacos, roasted whole chickens with onion seasoned, baked potato wedges.
I may have to vary the menu a bit…

& future planning…I actually have a menu up and running! This is the good news (and I’ll be sharing it soon.) The bad news is I’ve no idea what we’re having for Mother’s Day Dinner tomorrow.
And I know they’ll be asking me!

hygge holiday, sand drawing,

The Muses,
I’m creating…well, a batch of Hygge By Post Subscription Boxes went out last week. So this week I’ll be buckling down on getting back on my writing schedule – interrupted, (and yet inspired by!), by our ocean side  holiday, *And* since I have Hygge By Post Box themes nailed down for the remainder of the year.

& wondering…if a rather odd idea I have for a book will work out… I’m not ready to talk about it yet. It’s…different.
Also I still have very itchy fingers to paint the dining room. Though if I take on another task my brain might explode!


Within the Life of The Mind,
I’m thinking…how can so many people be so ignorant and be so cruel? It boggles the brain.

& reading…I’m continuing the Tiffany Aching series, (I’ve already admitted that, much to my shock and chagrin, I’ve never read Terry Pratchett’s work.
Where have I been???


& planning to read or listen to...whatever is on my 101 List. With so much else going on, I’m getting a bit behind on it.
Oh and a book I just received from the UK (via “The Royal Mail”, yes I feel ever so posh!): Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee

The Spirit,
I’m grateful forquiet times, the holiday we were just able to take, that a too hard, too long task set upon us last year (tomorrow!) is finally, finally coming to an end.

& I’m learning…that “puttering” is extremely relaxing for me.
How strange is that?
By “puttering” I mean walking about the house, (or yard), doing various, smallish, tasks (none taking more than half an hour at most.) Tidying a drawer, collecting a basket of things sitting out there they shouldn’t be and placing them in their proper spot, putting away laundry, dusting a single room, tidying the bookshelves – stuff like that.
It’s amazingly soothing. Which I find amazingly weird.


My Achille’s Heel.
Yes – I fear I fail utterly at Fellowship – aside from with my family.
But true hygge – not the “self care” attitude which seems to be dominating social media of late, (i.e. hand lotion and candies, while hygge, are not the sum of hygge. It’s meant to be shared!
So share that lotion and chocolate! )

Ok – back on track – I’m not doing so hot at Fellowship, not because I don’t like or want to see people, but simply because it’s been all I can do is get through the days, attempting to conquer that overwhelming “to do” list.
I’ll do better at this.

The Body,
& Hygge-self-care,
Since my back trouble began (again), and I suffered through the (surprisingly painful – it wasn’t that bad the last three times!), spinal injection – which, unfortunately, hasn’t seemed to work, meaning another lurks in my near future. Well, since my back hasn’t been cooperative I’m afraid running and other favorite exercises of mine have been impossible.
But I’m hoping to get on it asap. In the meanwhile I’ve begun eating clean again, after (naturally) overindulging while on holiday. And most days I do make my required number of steps, causing fireworks to erupt on my fitbit.
Which is better than nothing. Right?


My Favorite, Recent Hygge moments,|
~Being together at the ocean.
~The (very long), drive there and back again – believe it or not it was hygge! All of us together in the car, talking, listening to Harry Potter on cassette, (yes cassette!) Discussing and analyzing the series the way we do: as though it were real life, a story on the news perhaps. As though Harry, Ron & Hermione are people we know.
~Coming home to greet the other two dogs we weren’t able to fit into the car!
~The above mentioned “puttering”.
~Putting together and sending out the Hygge Boxes together.
~Watching the sun set over the Pacific. Listening to Ocean Song.
~Discovering Rory definitely does not care for squid!


Hopes, Thoughts, Images, Experiences – the Ways I’m Crafting My Life,

Making myself Relax, Relax, Relax.
Trying to not take criticism to heart. Stop dwelling on it. Move on! Recalling Theodore Roosevelt’s advice to “Take Action!” His “strenuous life”.

Are you remembering to Take Hygge in your life??
I hope so.
Till next time,
ldbtaylor lisa db taylor









fairy house, hygge holiday, hyggebypost.comholidays of hygge

beautiful mossy fairyland hygge holiday

dogs on a beautiful Oregon beach, hygge holiday,

mossy cabin, hygge holiday

family hygge holiday,

beautiful Oregon sunsets, hygge holiday

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May’s Hygge DayBook
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2 thoughts on “May’s Hygge DayBook

  • May 22, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    What a fabulous post, Lisa and your family and photos are absolutely beautiful. I don’t know that I’ve taken the Hygge path as of late but it’s definitely been more spiritual, more upbeat, positive and relaxing. Unfortunately, a couple of friends have fallen away, weird but I continue on, face to the sun. Maybe they’ll come back around, that would be great. Maybe they won’t and I will miss them. Again, face to the sun or Son, as is my journey. 🙂

    • May 26, 2017 at 8:36 pm

      Thanks 🙂
      Yes, friendships often to come and go don’t they – especially in today’s world I think. And yeal we just keep on swimming! I love the last line of your comment! <3


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