Wintertime Hygge.

This week has brought an unprecedented happening to Witt’s End: We are out of propane.

(Yes Β – that’s the stuff which heats our house. Including the water.
I’m inordinately fond of hot water.)

Well – not entirely out, but at just 3% as of a few days ago, meaning we’ve now switched our central heating to off, kept the fire going non stop, piled on the quilts, kept the kettle at a boil, and plugged in a space heater or two.
(If the electricity goes out I think we’ll be hauling mattresses in front of the wood stove and spending all our time there.)

In our defense I must say this predicament isn’t entirely our fault. Back when the propane meter read twenty-two or so percent, we did call and schedule a propane delivery.

Which didn’t show up.

We called again, they, (so they claimed), were “busy”.

(Seriously? During the dead of a winter filled with a lovely series of snow storms?

I think not.

We in the wild wild west are experienced with such things and would never think of having our propane refilled now, when we so much more easily could have had it done months ago during a relatively calm Autumn.


At any rate, we currently have our Hygge going full force. And are hoping for our road to be cleared perhaps as early as this evening, and the propane delivered as soon as possible.

Keep warm!


hygge reading
Finding Waldo together = Hygge Times!



cowboy casserole hygge food
Cowboy Casserole: filling, hot, slightly spicy if you like it that way Comfort Food.



out of propane snow day
Yep – this fire depends upon propane.



snow days hygge



hygge january



dogs are natural at hygge
Mimsy Lou. Dogs are Hygge naturals!



January snow drifts
Living on a ridge = snow drifts!



books for breakfast

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