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I haven’t done this in ages. I used to do several such link-ups a month and always enjoyed pondering and filling out different questions, or even similar questions upon different days or from slightly different angles.
So – here goes.

February 20, 2017 simple woman daybook










Looking out my window
The snow has melted and it seems to be warming up.
I find this utterly depressing.

(This was prettier I think…
snow days hygge




















I am thinking
How irritating it is to have woken up with a head cold and feeling woozy.

I am thankful
It isn’t the flu!
(Touch Wood.)
Also for everyone being here last night for Sunday Family Night.

One of my favorite things
The apple crumble we had for dessert last night, (and which – Fool I – forgot to snap a picture of!)

I am creating
~A more organized home, (one huge truckload to the local thrift shop the other day and more to go.) This is slow going with so much else to do, but we’ll get it done eventually.

~Works In Progress – the latest as yes untitled.

~Hygge By Post themes and boxes.


I am reading /watching / listening to

Reading:Β Toad Triumphant and Harding’s Luck with Rory at Teatime.
And on my own:Β Dept of Speculation, The Ladies of Grace Adieu, and (re-reading for the nth time), Mapp & Lucia
Watching: Once Upon A Time (via netflix), with Scott & Rory.
Victoria, with myself.
The Walking Dead with Scott, Cade, & Wyatt and which I’ve sworn I’m going to give up! (But obviously haven’t yet.)
Listening To: Try Anything Twice (on cassette if you can believe it!)


I am wearing
Sweat shirt, grey thermal leggings, fuzzy slippers.
Exactly like the below. (I may well be on my way to a capsule wardrobe after all!)writing in fuzzy slippers



I am hoping
For a very productive week, despite my only wanting to snuggle down, hygge out, read, and watch Victoria!


I am learning
Everything takes at least four times longer to accomplish that I originally imagined.
(I used to think twice as long.
I was mistaken.)


In my kitchen
Last night an all American meal of hamburgers, (with caramelized onions and mushrooms), and apple crumble.
Tonight – I’m thinking tomato soup and grilled cheese. Lovely quick and easy comfort food.


In the school room
Rory’s been reading most of the day. I doubt I’ll be reading aloud during teatime due to this sore throat though, which is a shame Β – we’re really enjoying out latest teatime reads.
Also maths & language arts. Overall a pretty lazy, slow President’s Day.


In my garden
Nothing at present but dirt and some sad snow dregs!
Last year we were much too late getting the garden in and are hoping to not repeat that this year. We’ll be starting some seeds soon, including a wider variety of herbs. The only kind I have left right now is basil and it’s not looking too healthy at present.


Board room
One of my current favorites from a Pinterest board.
hygge comfort reads


Post Script
Sharing my Hygge By Post Subscription Box site.

Our family business, bring Inspiration, Comfort, & Joy! Subscription Box of Cozy Comfort

Shared Quote
“Whenever something is done for the first time, it releases a little demon.” ~Emily Dickinson


A moment from my day
a proud Mimsy-Dog and our beautiful Trot (Betsy Trotwood.)
our beautiful trot

Rory in his Batman p.j.’s (bought as a joke for his older brother and eventually absconded with by Rory.)



We have a lot of merit badges to finish up within the next month or so.
merit badges boy scouts


Closing Notes
Some consider blogging over and passe, nevertheless I’m building a new blog at and would love for you to come along!
Between it, homeschooling, family life, writing, and Hygge By Post life is very busy and full. Though family time and hygge will always be a priority.

And yes I do have to keep reminding myself of that most days…

ldbtaylor lisa db taylor

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