Hmmm… this year’s Reading Challenge – it’s the end of January and I still haven’t listed the books, much less begun to read them.

My excuses?  Well, 2017 has been surprisingly busy. Trying to catch up from 2016’s difficult The Year The Locusts Ate. Trying to get ahead, (or rather back to where we should be.) Setting new goals, doing our best to reach them.

And yeal – those goals include reading goals.

And so I’m filling out my 2017 Reading Challenge  – despite having done a fairly dismal job of last year’s. Not that I didn’t do a lot of reading, of course I did (I always do!) I just didn’t happen to read all the books listed below. I think because so many of them were just a bit too serious for the year 2016 became. My 2016 booklist, (which I will be posting as soon as I can), was filled with more light hearted, happy fare than is listed below.

Still – I listed each of the below for a reason, so if I didn’t manage to finish one, I’m carrying it over into 2017. Taxing myself with the chore of the unread of this list, as well as 2017’s.

It really won’t be difficult.

I hope.


The 2016 Reading Challenge & How It Fared

a book published this year.  The Past: A Novel by Tessa Hadley      Begun, but not finished. Sigh… I add it to 2017’s List.

a book you can finish in a day. Howl – Allen Ginsberg     Well this was an easy one! Finished.

a book you’ve been meaning to read. If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler – Italo Cavino    Again, begun and not finished. Added to 2017.

a book you should have already read.  Their Eyes Were Watching God – Zora Neale Hurston     I began it, began it again, and am still half way through. I’ll keep going.

a book chosen for you by someone. The Churchill Factor by Boris Johnson. (Christmas present from J.)       Finally! Finished and enjoyed. But of course I am a major Anglophile and Churchill fan.

a book published before you were born.  The Bible! This, most helpfully, goes right along with #94 on my 101 List.     Well, I’ve read much of it, though not enough to fulfill this goal or the attached 101 List goal. This, I think, is a work in progress.

a book published 100 years before you were born.    The Idiot – Dostovevsky  Oh dear – begun and not finished. Just keep reading!

a book which was banned at some point.     Stranger In A Strange Land – Robert Heinlein     Finished, bwah hah!

a book you previously abandoned.  War & Peace – Tolstoy     Begun and still reading…

a book you own but have never read.  The Willows In Winter by William Horwood. This sweet book led to my seeking, finding, and reading the others in the series: The Willows At Christmas, Toad Triumphant, & The Willows and Beyond, aloud with Rory.     Lovely series! We’ve had The Willows In Winter for sometime, but for some reason had never read it. Well – we inhaled it, and immediately sought out and ordered the others. Highly recommended for a family, tea-time read aloud. Sweet stories, wonderful vocabulary. I like to think Kenneth Grahame would approve. 

a book that intimidates you. Hmmm.. Well to be honest Moby Dick rather intimidates me – but really I think because I’ll find it dry and want to stop reading.

(My twenty-two year old son plowed his way through it – and has vowed never again!)

But I suppose his reading it doesn’t count for me does it? Hmm… I admit I have a lovely copy near my bedside table, still I’ve yet to begin it. So the whale and Captain Ahab are slated for 2017!

a book you’ve already read at least once.  The Dark Is Rising  – the entire series actually, by Susan Cooper, aloud with Rory.     Another inhaling of a series, and another lovely read aloud, tea-time series. I’ve read this series more than once with my kids over the years, and loved it yet again last year. If you haven’t read it do find it and begin at once.
Also – don’t miss The Boggart & The Boggart & the Monster by Susan Cooper. Enchanting, most hyggeligt books!

Perhaps one fine day I’ll manage reviews of some of the above books, and those still waiting to be read. But…today, I fear, isn’t that day. Too much going on, and my head’s still in too much of a whirl to plunge into book reviews at the moment I fear.

Yet another item added to my list of promises to my future self.

Have you committed to a Reading Challenge this year, or perhaps to reading more diversely ? I’d love to hear about it and see your list in the comments below!

And now, onto 2017’s Reading Challenge! (Complete with links.)


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How The Reading Challenge Fared
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