Yesterday was Thanksgiving and today is the infamous and highly overrated Black Friday.

Yes it is infamous and highly overrated – we all know that’s true. Black Friday, Thanksgiving,

Though, to be honest, I’ve never participated in the mad queue-up right after, (or during, or before?) Thanksgiving Dinner. Never waited in the freezing cold, (or sleet or semi warm or whatever the weather’s like near your house), in order to burst through my favorite store’s doors in triumph at midnight or three or six a.m. and purchase a television of no doubt dubious quality but Hey it’s on sale for just 199.89 (plus tax), so let’s go get one!

No, I’ve never done that. Because – wild glee aside – the entire enterprise really doesn’t sound all that awfully appealing.

Instead I remain at home. Nibbling turkey leftovers and, more often, bits of pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes, thin slices of strawberry pretzel jello salad, (five or six thin slices), spicy artichoke dip heaped onto black pepper and olive oil crackers, and – the most questionable of all the holiday fare I create and indulge in – the dreaded cheese roll. An item I eat freely any time, day or night, throughout the month of December.

And throughout the end of November.

And during the first of January.

Some years, (though I feel almost certain 2017 won’t be one of them), on into the middle of January.) But which I wouldn’t dream of pigging out on indulging in during the other eleven, (or ten, or nine), months of the year.

Go figure.

pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes

In years past I’ve spent Black Friday packing away our one bin of Thanksgiving decorations, (yes one lowly bin – compared to dozens of Christmas bins), and Bringing Out The Christmas to the Dining Room and Kitchen Mantles, (the two spots I’ve long reserved for Thanksgiving.

I’m not really certain why.)

I’ve made Christmas Lists, scoured though various websites for Great Deals, began Christmas Reads, unearthed the Christmas Movies from the idiotic spot Last January Me imagined was such a great place to keep them. I’ve decorated the front yard and back with various outside decorations – on my own, with a gaggle of cheerful, helpful, (though their actual help factor was oftimes questionable) kidlets, in a snowstorm, in irritatingly warm weather, (It’s supposed to be Christmas!), and with one or two surly teens who could be really helpful if they wanted but are so busy snarling, disappearing, and being found again that honestly I’m better off just finishing this sucker by myself, so go on inside and let me get on with it!

Has any of this ever happened to you?


Today, Black Friday 2016, (a most heinous and horrific year), I’ve retreated to my writing loft, (a title unworthy of capital letters today), to write.

Which I have to some extent.

Meaning – not extentish enough – but better than to no extent.

And yes I realize extentish isn’t actually a word but feel in my bones it should be.

I’ve written, and gulped sippedΒ tea, and glanced out my window, (which actually has a lovely view), at the few lingering streaks of snow remaining from last week’s storm.

While considering how wonderful it is to have such a great deal of leftovers for dinner plus desserts along with eggnog, (popular around these parts), and that bubbly apple cider they sell in bottles like wine (but it isn’t), this time of year.

I’ve also spent a good many minutes deciding what time I will settle in to watch the new Gilmore Girls this evening.

Yes I’m one of those people. And firm-ishly a member of Camp Jesse. Dean annoys me for some reason and I never cared for Logan.

He was just too damn rich.

Kinda like Thanksgiving Dinner and cheese roll I suppose.

Both responsible for my annual Black Friday Indigestion. (Imagine Rory Gilmore with indigestion all her long life long.)


And those, my friends, are my Black Friday Meanderings for 2016.

Happy, Hygge Days lay before us, (I feel certain.)

Welcome these final November Days, an entire month of lovely December, and 2017.

May it be peaceful, prosperous, and kinder than its predecessor. subscription box, tricky name, familiar feeling










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Thanksgiving Meanderings & The Gilmore Girls
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One thought on “Thanksgiving Meanderings & The Gilmore Girls

  • November 30, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    Oh my goodness – I should have been here before! I probably have but juggling the care needs of my parents with the blogging reading/commenting/writing world means that there are sometimes years (decades even!) in between my visits to blogs – even those I love. So anyway, here I am because of Facebook (it does have its good points! ?) and I LOVE what you have written.

    I forgot it was ‘Black Friday’ in the UK last week but soon remembered when we pulled into the car park of a local electronics store to get a cable we needed urgently at may parents’ house, only to find it was jammed with people seeking ‘cheap’ TVs. I promptly re-named this auspicious day ‘Twat Friday’.

    Do you have Twats in the US? It’s a bad word in the UK and not nice to call someone a twat really. However, like you, I do believe that if you go out to buy a TV because you think you are getting a ‘good deal’ on a certain day, then you are, a twat (in my humble opinion).

    I totally enjoyed your Thanksgiving meanderings and will be back for more (meanderings that is, not just the Thanksgiving ones – hopefully I will be back before that!)

    It’s so lovely to read humouorous blogs that aren’t all about telling everyone how to get more followers, likes, views, money etc etc etc. Love it!


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